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  1. Select your room. Use the floor plan and pricing/availability chart to find the room best suited for you. All prices listed below are per person.

  2. Complete the registration form below, along with your room request.

  3. Rooms are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

  4. Rooms are put 'On Hold' upon receipt of Registration. The status is updated to 'Reserved' upon receipt of payment. 

  5. Rooms will be placed 'On Hold' status for no more than 14 days. 

  6. Invoices are emailed.

  7. There will be an additional 3% processing fee if paying with a credit card. No additional cost if paying by check or cash.

Beach House Floor Plan

First Floor

Room !! is on this level

Retreat Home Floor Plan

Second Floor

Rooms 1 - 8 are on this level

Retreat Home Floor Pla

Third Floor

Rooms 9 & 10 are on this level

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