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february 25 - march 10, 2019

Join Kelly, Pammi & Rimmi for a soul stirring experience of India! 


As the birthplace of yoga and Ayurveda, India has attracted

yogis and spiritual seekers for centuries.


This may be your calling!

Join us on a journey of self-discovery and self-transformation!

India is a vibrant country, swathed in every hue imaginable,

overflowing with sights and sounds. 

It is steeped in spirituality, culture, history and architecture.

Magnificent temples, colonial towns, stunning backwaters and

palm fringed beaches are just a few of the incredible sights

that await you on this luxurious, custom-made itinerary.


We will travel to the two southern most states of India:

Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Our 13-day journey will begin in the metropolis city of Chennai and

conclude in the enchanting backwaters of Kerala.


India's sacred scriptures state, 'Atithi Devo Bhava'

which translates to, 'Guests are God.'  

Get ready to embrace the warm hospitality, and immerse yourself

in history, culture, spirituality and culinary delights

that only a trip to India can offer.



Uncover the astonishing collection of rock-cut temples at Mahabalipuram Temple, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Experience the ceremonies led by Deekshidars at the Chidambaram Temple where Shiva is represented as Nataraja performing the Ananda Tandava, Dance of Exuberance.

Attend the night puja (worship) ceremony at the Meenakshi Temple, as Shiva is carried from his shrine to join Meenakshi. amidst vedic chants, mantras, drums, and incense. Receive blessings from the holy cows


FRENCH QUARTERS and auroville

Explore Pondicherry, the French colony of India sits on the Bay of Bengal. It is known for its blossoming bougainvilleas, beautiful cathedrals, and a unique French-Indian cuisine. 


Visit Auroville, the 'City of Dawn' - a city free of religion, politics and nationality - a place of peace, concord and harmony.  Visit Auroville's Matrimandir, known for its iconic golden circle. 


Periyar and backwaters

Periyar is the quintessential vision of what you've dreamt India to be; howler monkeys, hundreds of beautiful birds and spice plantations.

For a true experience of Kerala, it is essential to explore the backwaters on a kettuvellam houseboat. The lush, palm-fringed landscape, diverse wildlife and local villages make these waterways seem like a journey through another world. It's one of the most tranquil things you will do!


Known as the 'Gateway to Kerala', Cochin is an enchanting city that's had an eclectic influence. sporting several vestiges of its past – Chinese fishing nets mingle with Dutch Palaces, Sephardic Synagogues and Portuguese forts – all crowding along the shores of the Arabian Sea.

Today, Cochin has a thriving arts and cultural scene. Several galleries, boutiques, as well as spice, fish and antique markets continue to flourish side by side.

“Each day was a delight. Can't wait to go back.”

— Kathy Donnelly, Director & Owner of The Yoga Center of Columbia

“I loved it all!  It was all so new to me and absolutely fascinating.  The hotels were terrific, and I’m so very glad we did as much yoga and meditation as possible! I would go again in a heartbeat

— Susan  Levine

“Just a great retreat.

The whole thing was fantastic and I'm in awe of you all for making it so great for everyone. Thank you”

— Michael  Barnaby, yoga teacher

“I am so grateful to you, our guides, for creating a trip that was so rich in experience, people, temples, and connection.  

I felt very taken care of.”

— Cynthia Foss

“I loved the trip and it was a real bonus to travel with such a cohesive group. A remarkable variety of experiences - foods,  cultural activities, and shopping. The people were all so friendly and welcoming.

I believe that this is an expression of the spirituality.”

— Cristiana Paredes

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the Self

~ Bhagavad Gita