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JAN 20-JUNE 9, 2024


Join Rimmi & Kelly for a 6-weekend Ayurveda training program. Dive deep into Ayurvedic principles, exploring dosha, prakriti, vikriti, dhatus, six-tastes, daily and seasonal practices.

Scenic View


FEB 28-MAR 11, 2025


 Join Rimmi & Kelly on an enchanting journey across South India’s soul-stirring landscape. Explore the mist-kissed peaks of Munnar, the tranquil backwaters of Kumarakom, and the serene beaches of Kovalam during this rejuvenating wellness

retreat in India.



JUNE 19-JUNE 29, 2025


Join Rimmi & Karen as they revisit Kenya for their iconic "Wellness in Wilderness"

Safari Retreat.

Explore Nairobi, Ambosoli, Lake Naivasha and the legendary Masai Mara - a wildlife enthusiast's dream come true!

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