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In the midst of the pandemic, this Independence Day, State leaders are begging Americans to stay home, skip the partying, saying, "don’t make a bad situation worse." No fireworks, backyard barbecues or family getaways this July Fourth, 2020.

Is this a random coincidence or a sign from the Universe?

America is not “free” to celebrate its Independence Day??!!

How overpoweringly symbolic.

I’m hitting the “pause button". Doing my best to contextualize these moments.

I was intrigued by the yogic concept of Samkramikta.

Carl Jung would refer to it as Synchronicity.

Samkramikta believes that seemingly unrelated events overlap for a purpose. Nothing happens by chance and everything holds meaning and purpose. Everything is intricately connected.

This year, America is not “free” to celebrate Fourth of July.

The universe is beckoning, "Don't make a bad situation worse!" Unequivocally Samkramikta!

An event that’s far too suggestive to be mere coincidence.

As truth and awakening takes seed inside my soul, I found comfort in these quotes.

I hope you do, too! 

With love, blessings & infinite hope,

Rimmi Singh

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